Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission has always been to contribute towards the elimination of the world’s ocean plastic. The scope of the issue is monumental with there being 269,000 tonnes of plastic in our ocean today. The great pacific garbage patch alone is 1.6 million square kilometres, an area twice the size of Texas.

CleanOceanNFTs are procedurally generated sea creatures. Every CleanOceanNFTs has unique characteristics.

CleanOceanNFTs allows the Cardano community to express their love of the ocean through art. Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain which is more eco-friendly than other blockchain alternatives, we believe that the Cardano community truly cares for the green environment. Our NFTs allow you to contribute towards the Cardano ecosytem and allows our community to join us in our goal to reduce ocean plastic.

We commit to donating $8.50 per NFT to our nominated charity. The charity estimate that this donation is enough to clear 1 football field worth of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. With your help we can clear over 50,000,000 squared metres of plastic!

The charitable donations will be made each of these milestones:

  • 1,000 minted - $8,500
  • 3,000 minted - $17,000
  • 6,000 minted - $25,500
  • 10,000 minted - $34,000

Nami, Deadelus, Adalite, Yoroi.

Do not send Cardano from an exchange.

On the Homepage click the 'Claim Yours Now' button or click the 'Buy' button at the top of any page. Once clicked a random procedurally generated CleanOceanNFT will be reserved for you for 20 minutes. To receive your reserved CleanOceanNFT you will need to send the exact amount of ADA shown to the Cardano payment address. After making the payment, do not refresh. Once the transaction has been verified through the blockchain, the webpage will update and it will reveal your purchased NFT.

The first 1,000 NFTs will cost 20₳

The next 2,000 NFTs will cost 25₳

The next 3,000 NFTs will cost 30₳

The last 4,000 NFTs will cost 35₳

Head over to Top right-hand corner there is a search icon. Click the search icon and paste your Cardano address you sent the ADA from to purchase the CleanOceanNFT.

Our policy ID is: 6a4c61f19d239d487b7baae5422445dfe7d32073df8951838267a32e

Our policy is time locked 22nd March 2022

We will not be minting any further NFT series. The original 10k CleanOceanNFTs will be the only mint.

The only exception to this will be limited edition one of a kind single card auctions later down the line.

Once minted, every smart contract transaction of a CleanOceanNFT will provide a 5% Royalty fee. 2.5% of the royalty fee income will be donated to charity. 2.5% of the royalty fee income will be used to support the clean ocean initiative.

There are 5 different characteristics. Details of these characteristics rarities can be found on our Discord channel in the rarities tab where there is a downloadable CSV.


There are 16 different species to collect. From Shrimp (most common) to Whale (the rarest). The rarities were sorted by size of the animals, playing off a well known joke within the crypto community the larger the animal you are the more crypto you hold!

Species Rarities
  • Common - 58.50% - Truly amazing creature, there are loads of them out there.
  • Uncommon - 29.00% - Winner, never seen that before!
  • Rare - 10.11% - Wow, great pull!
  • Epic - 1.79% - *Takes screenshot and sends to friends and family*
  • Legendary - 0.60% - Euphoria

There are 22 different colours possible, each with varying rarity.


There are 17 backgrounds which provide a backdrop to your adopted sea creature. From underwater pineapples to deep sea treasure, there is a lot to explore!


There are 16 pairs of eyes which your creature can possess.


Many countries speak different languages, however the one language which is synonymous across all countries is art. The countries rarity is based on how much coastline there is in that country. Only countries with coastlines have been included.